CADEC - Computer Aided Design Environment for Composites

CADEC R10 is a downloadable/installable Windows application that performs composite materials analysis as described in the textbook Introduction to Composite Materials Design--Second Edition, CRC, 2010.

Update: CADEC 10 has been rendered obsolete by R14, which is much enhanced online version. No need for installation or updates. Your data is encripted and stored on the cloud. You can use it from any device, even from a smart phone.

Download: Before downloading CADEC R10, check the license file to see if you qualify as a licensee. If you do, check the readme file, then download the file below.

To download the latest downloadable version click here: latest downloadable version

The zipped file can be unzipped by Windows Extract All (right click on the file) of by a number of programs including Stuffit, WINZIP, and PKZIP among others.

Install: To install the program, first you must remove all previous installations of CADEC, Toolbook 10 Neuron, and any desktop icons. Then, unzip the file, then run "setup.exe".

You need a Display area 800x600 to see the CADEC windows without scrollbars. To change the Display area, click Start, Settings, Control Panel; double-click Display; select the Settings tab, adjust the Display Area dial to 800x600 pixels; then OK.

Troubleshooting: To report problems, receive announcements of new releases of CADEC, post questions about program usage, etc., you may subscribe to CADEC's mailing list. To join, follow this link

The online version is at